“The Chosen” in Theaters, Then Streaming


The international hit “The Chosen” has begun its fourth season — first playing in movie theaters and later, at an unannounced date, widely available for streaming.

The producers chose the “theaters first” premieres to “raise funds in order to make Season 4 available for free around the world.”

The new episodes retain the high production values of the previous three seasons — faithful to the Gospels, creatively written, well-acted and beautifully photographed.

The earlier seasons of “The Chosen” have followed the life of Christ, portrayed by actor Jonathan Roumie, during the first years of His public ministry, including: His baptism, the calling of the disciples, the wedding feast at Cana, His preaching and the feeding of the 5,000.

The new season covers the middle period of Jesus’ public life; it has the feel of “the beginning of the end.” There are subplots among both the Sanhedrin and the Roman authorities as they try to deal with “the preacher from Nazareth.”

Among the best moments in the first three episodes:

A “flashback” to the Visitation and the joyful meeting of Mary and an elderly Elizabeth.

The beheading of John the Baptist, who in his last moments receives consolation from “the Lamb.”

Jesus giving Simon bar Jonah the new name “Peter” the rock, and the reactions of the other disciples.

A not-from-the-Gospel conversation in which Judas maintains they should have “charged money” from the 5,000 who were fed.

And the healing of the man who was blind from birth, as Christ says, “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

There’s also a shocker at the end of episode three — no spoilers here — only to say that the entire band of followers is deeply and movingly wounded. This is fine faith-inspired television. All the disciples are here (including the fan-favorite Matthew). Much of it is about them. After all, it’s called. “The Chosen.”

But at the center is Christ.