Bishop discusses race relations and the church on EWTN

Bishop Edward K. Braxton was the guest on EWTN’s The World Over,” hosted by Raymond Arroyo on Nov. 9 where he discussed his recent address “The Horizon of Possibilities, The Catholic Church and the Racial Divide in the United States: Old Wounds Reopened” at Catholic University.

The bishop was interviewed at his Belleville residence via satellite from Washington, D.C.

The bishop’s speech addressed the racial divide within the United States — and within the Catholic Church in the country — and suggested Catholics should learn more about the history of that divide and honestly engage with that history and with others attempting to tackle similar issues themselves.

“The Catholic Church is rightly working aggressively and has made great strides in service in the African American community, in education, healthcare and advocacy, but unfortunately people have long memories and many people are now happy as Baptists or even as followers of Islam, so the Catholic Church doesn’t occur to them as a place to make a religious home,” the bishop told Arroyo.

A video of the program can be seen on the YouTube channel HERE