People Work to Make Houses Homes

People from many places both in the diocese and from St. Louis gather when it’s time to build a home. This year, East Side Heart and Home Family Center is building its 21st home, making it possible for a dream to come true for a family.

When the “blitz build” begins, Father James Cormack, CM, pastor of St. Catherine Labouré Parish in St. Louis, and long connected to the Family Center, blesses the people and the home that is being constructed.

“When we finish, may we have built something that is home for those who live here, a place of light, warmth, nurture and love. So, Lord God, watch over us from beginning to end; bring to completion this good work you have called us to do; bless everyone who helps in any way as we build this home,” Father Cormack said in his blessing.

Sister Carol Lehmkuhl, OP, has directed the Family Center for more than 20 years, with some volunteers returning year after year to participate in the house builds.

“At East Side Heart & Home Family Center, the focus has always been, and continues to be, on people,” Sister Carol said. “We believe that each and every person has gifts to contribute and we hope to foster an environment where people can come together and use their individual gifts for the betterment of our city and our world.”

This home will fit snuggly in the neighborhood, now renamed Resurrection Park Neighborhood.

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