Hospital Honors Nurse with National Daisy Award

Most people don’t work in jobs that may mean life or death to those whom they meet, but nurse Mary Maxim does.

A nurse in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital’s cardiac cath lab, Maxim deals with life and death situations daily.
Because of her actions with a patient in recent months, she was honored with an award from the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. She was chosen from among a group of 13 nurses at the hospital for an award that is given quarterly to those who qualify.

A fellow colleague described the time, care and compassion that Maxim showed a recent patient as part of the nomination.

“Mary went above and beyond to stay with a patient and calm him, which was instrumental in keeping the patient in the hospital to ensure he received the care he needed. When she visited the patient the following day, he positively commented on her ongoing support and presence.

“Mary treats all her patients this way every day. Her compassion and respect for patients and families is one that is never questioned and never falters.”

On receiving the award, Maxim said: “I am honored to receive the national DAISY Award. Having patients return for a social visit from time to time after surgery gives me great pride in knowing that I have made a difference in their well-being with the genuine caring, compassion, and respect that I have shown each of them.”

In some cases, the care and concern of nurses can make the difference between life and death. In the case of Maxim’s patient, the person went almost immediately to surgery to take care of his problem.

Maxim has been a nurse at St. Elizabeth’s for 39 years with 26 years in the Cardiac Cath Lab.