A Look Back to March 1960 in Clinton County

(Editor’s note: As a way to celebrate The Messenger’s 110th anniversary, we have been printing “a page of history” from around the diocese. If you would like to suggest a particular year to look at, please let us know. We hope you find these pieces of history interesting.)

Breese — At a luncheon meeting, Monday, March 7, attended by His Excellency, Bishop Albert R. Zuroweste and all pastors of the 14 parishes of Clinton County, it was decided that a major development program should be undertaken immediately. The program will be known as The Clinton County Parochial Development Campaign.

Bishop Zuroweste reported upon the findings of a county-wide survey in which every pastor participated, clearly pointed out the need of a program which would finance both a joint auditorium-physical education project at Mater Dei High School, and aid in financing individual immediate needs in almost every parish.

For this reason the decision was made to establish a program which would include all Catholics of Clinton County.

The survey further indicated that a minimum goal of $400,000 should be established.
Each of the 14 parishes will assume an equitable quota toward the minimum goal. Any oversubscription will remain in the parish and will be used for individual parish needs.

The photo included carried this information: Clinton County Pastors Meet: Most Rev. Albert R. Zuroweste, D.D., Bishop of Belleville, congratulates Rev. Gerard Netemeyer, Trenton, on being selected as chairman of the Clergy Committee in the Clinton County Parochial Development Campaign. The priests attending the luncheon meeting Monday, March 7, were, left to right, Rev. Joseph Pingsterhaus, St. Rose; Rev. Bernard Kunkel, Bartelso; Rev. Julius Schoen, Beckemeyer; Rev. John Boomkens, Germantown; Rev. Joseph Duehren, Carlyle; Rev. Francis Seyer, Marydale and Beaver Prairie; Rev. Anthony Kiefer, Damiansville; Rev. Stanley Schlarman, (representing Rev. Francis Hodapp, New Baden, who was unable to be present); Rev. F. X. Heiligenstein, Breese; Rev. C. J. Cunningham, Aviston; Rev. Henry Aydt, Breese; Rev. William Wigmann, Albers, hospitalized at St. Elizabeth’s, Belleville, was unable to attend.
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