Gibault Catholic High School Marks 50 Years

Fifty years ago, Father Edwin Hustedde had a vision for a dynamic, integrated education. He introduced students and parents to flexible modular scheduling, and innovative ways of empowering students to take responsibility for their education. That was revolutionary at the time, using  teaching methods so students could learn to think, create and find answers to their questions.

Today, Gibault continues to take bold strides in education. With a forward-thinking approach and e-learning, the school leads in technology in the classroom.
Faculty and staff have shared their knowledge and innovation to help St. Louis schools start e-learning programs. Unfortunately for some, the school has eliminated the need for snow days with e-learning.  This type of technology in the classroom has opened up thought-provoking discussions and modern thinking among students. They live and learn in a world where technology is second nature. This is the new “revolution.”

Our dream for the next 50 years at Gibault is to continue our mission and vision of excellence for new generations of students.

Gibault invites you to a celebration of the past and the future on March 4. For more details, visit our website:

— Sevgi Kovarik
Gibault Development Director