Seniors at Mater Dei serve others

Reading with a child or playing cards with senior citizens are just two of the many services seniors at Mater Dei Catholic High School in Breese offered to others during their three-week hiatus from school.

The 112 seniors were involved in 42 projects, and from conversations with the students, they were beneficial to the students and those they met as well.

Katlyn Harpstrite chose 1st Step, a division of Link, Inc., for her senior service project.

“I wanted to give back,” Katlyn said. “I really wanted to work with children and make an impact on their lives, to help them learn.”

Grant Brinkmann’s mother, Alisha, wanted him to become more comfortable with other people working with him before he heads off to preschool next year.

1st Step Disability Service Coordinator, Kim Lohman, encouraged Katlyn to interact with Grant when they went to the Brinkmann home for a session where they also worked on speech with the youngster.

At the same time, two other seniors, Joe Huelsmann and Alex Koopmann were offering service to seniors at Breese Nursing Home.

The young men accompanied residents to the chapel and stayed to pray the rosary with them.

They also played cards and other games with them, rarely winning, they said.

The seniors said they enjoyed listening to residents’ stories about the past, finding out about life in earlier times.

Gibault Catholic High School seniors will take their “service” break later in the spring, which is the traditional time the students offer service.