Statement of Bishop Michael McGovern: On the Death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In union with our Holy Father Pope Francis, we lift up our hearts in prayer to God in thanksgiving for the life and ministry of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

Throughout his long life, Joseph Ratzinger was drawn to the love of Christ and sought to serve God as a priest, scholar, and teacher. Called to use his gifts as a spiritual shepherd as a bishop in his native Germany, he later generously served the universal Church in collaboration with Pope John Paul II. Elected pope in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI emphasized the importance of evangelization through his talks, writings and travels across the globe including his pastoral visit to the United States in 2008.

Since his resignation and retirement in 2013, Pope Emeritus Benedict has reminded us by his example that prayer is our lifeline with God and that we should mindfully prepare to meet the Lord at the end of our days.

Now as God calls the soul of Pope Emeritus Benedict from his earthly life, may he receive God’s abundant mercy and enjoy the vision of God and the life of the world to come.