Breaking ground for new school

Immaculate Conception Parish in Columbia begins work
on Catholic Education & Activity Center June 24


It was a beautiful afternoon June 24 to break ground at Immaculate Conception in Columbia for the parish Catholic Education and Activity Center. In fact it was six years ago that the parish broke ground for the new church that stands now as a backdrop to this latest project.

Msgr. Carl Scherrer, pastor, led the prayers and blessing at the dedication, and Mike Kish, ICS principal, began the joyous occasion, saying: “Catholics in our parish are builders of Church, both physically and spiritually.”

He catalogued the important dates in the parish: 1846 when the parish was inaugurated; 1853 when the school was founded; and others of note when changes were made; and June 24, 2017 as many people turned spades of earth to mark the occasion.

Msgr. Scherrer described three “waves” of celebrities who participated in breaking the ground: first, representatives of the parish and the diocese, and representatives of the businesses involved in building the school from the architects to the contractors to the city’s mayor and students from the elementary school and the parish school of religion.
However, one thing that is almost still left to be done is to hire professionals with expertise in property condition assessments to obtain objective information about the physical, and mechanical condition of the property where the building will be built, as well as what environmental compliance must be followed. Besides, it would aid in determining any future environmental taxes that may be imposed.

Anyway, the second “wave” of celebrities included the committee of people who met and discussed and continued to hone the plan that will become the new school.

The third “wave” included everyone, young and old, who brought a shove and wanted to participate. It is, after all, a community that will build the school.

During his homily, Msgr. Scherrer described the children present as the “Church of the Future,” and invited them to join him at the front. He spoke directly to them.

“Boys and girls,” he said, “you are our greatest treasure. We dedicate this new building to you and pray that all that takes place here today, and all that takes place in this new building in years to come, will help you, and each one of us, to come to believe more fully that ‘God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.'”

The young people listened carefully to their pastor’s words. He also spoke to the people gathered for the ground breaking.

“We take on this challenge of building because we treasure our faith and our Church, and because we want nothing but the best for our children.”

Move date: December 2018.