A Look Back to March 26, 1976: Holy Childhood in Mascoutah

(Editor’s note: As a way to celebrate The Messenger’s 110th anniversary, we have been printing “a page of history” from around the diocese. If you would like to suggest a particular year to look at, please let us know. We hope you find these pieces of history interesting.)

By Edward Foran, principal

MASCOUTAH — The Holy Childhood School Student Council is in its sixth year.  The purpose of the Student council is threefold: Education, Service, and Representation.

The Council serves as an example of a democratic institution to the students.  Council members get practical experience in parliamentary procedure and in working within a system.

The educational aspects are heightened by membership in the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils, which holds annual workshops and an annual convention.

The Student Council organizes activities to boost student morale, and to improve the public relations of the school.  Council members also serve as representatives of the students.  The members help to keep the administration and school board in touch with students’ feelings.  Student Council representatives are elected from grades 5 through 8.

Holy Childhood Student Council officers and class representatives are, left to right, front row:  Susan Schneider, Grade 6; Mike Amann, Grade 7; and Steve Heyde, Grade 5; second row:  Cindy Muenchau, Grade 7; Kenny Lanter, Grade 6; and Jeff Kilian, Grade 7; third row:  Rob Dauber, Grade 8, president; Debbie Anstedt, Grade 8, secretary; Mary Haas, Grade 8, treasurer, and John Biekert, Grade 8, vice president.  The Faculty Advisor is Edward Foran, principal.