Changes Made to Diocesan College of Consultors

Bishop Edward K. Braxton announced  changes to the Diocesan College of Consultors March 6.

The consultors are a group of priests in each diocese of the United States who act as official advisers to the bishop in certain matters pertaining to the administration of the diocese.
“The bishop is required to hear the consultors in certain extraordinary acts as well as selection of a chief financial officer,” Bishop Braxton said.

In addition, “when the episcopal see is vacant, sede vacante, due to a health impairment, retirement or death of a diocesan bishop, the consultors must meet to elect a temporary administrator of the diocese, and during the period before the administrator is elected, the collective body administers the affairs of the diocese. Their duties are described in the Code of Canon Law §502 and §1277.

Bishop Braxton has informed, in writing, the Rev. Msgr. William P. McGhee and the Rev. Raymond Schultz that their term as members of the College of Consultors has concluded. To succeed them, he has appointed the Very Rev. John C. Iffert, V.F., and the Very Rev. Mark D. Stec, V.F.

The complete list of consulters includes: The Rev. Msgr. John W. McEvilly, Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia; The Rev. Msgr. Daniel J. Jurek; The Rev. Msgr. John T. Myler, Vicar Forane; The Very Rev. John C. Iffert, Vicar Forane; The Very Rev. Mark D. Stec, Vicar Forane; The Rev. James E. Deiters; The Rev. Stanley J. Konieczny;
The Rev. Urban Osuji, CM; The Rev. Ronald Weber; and Deacon Douglas L. Boyer.