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Germantown Family Remembers Brother Memorial Day

When the boys and girls went off to war in the 1940s to fight and die in WWII or to do the same in the 1950s during the Korean Conflict or the many “Operation” names of battles in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were thanked and applauded for their service. But one war stands out as the one where military veterans were not applauded or feted or thanked.

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St. Teresa in Belleville celebrates 50-year anniversary

Msgr. David Darin sprinkles the people during the May 7 liturgy celebrating the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the current St. Teresa Church in Belleville. (St. Teresa Parish was founded in 1926.)

Msgr. Darin is pastor of St. Teresa and St. Luke parishes. In the photo he is accompanied by Deacon Robert Lanter. Both Msgr. Darin and Deacon Lanter are wearing vestments that were worn at the dedication of the church 50 years ago.

It was noted that in its 50-year history, St. Teresa Church has hosted countless baptisms, first Communions, confirmations, weddings and funerals as well as more than 25,000 liturgies.

A Look Back to 1978 and TEC retreat #32

Teens Encounter Christ retreats have been held in the Diocese of Belleville for many years. The TEC organization celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015.

TEC was developed as an outgrowth of the Cursillo movement, Bishop Stanley G. Schlarman said.
Bishop Schlarman was episcopal moderator of the TEC movement from 1981-1984 and founding director of TEC in the Belleville diocese.

Present TEC executive director, Billy O’Regan, spoke about the need to connect with young people, to share the gospel message with the young.

“The broader trend is rediscovering relationships. Evangelization occurs when we share the good news in each of us; the heart of TEC is the heart sharing our own stories with one another,” O’Regan said.
One TEC alum, Shannon Cerneka, said one of the phrases that he remembers: “Don’t anticipate; participate; live in the moment.”

In the photo those attending the TEC are named: Participants in the Feb. 18-20 (1978) Teens Encounter Christ retreat at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Sparta, are left to right (first row): Janelle Holtmann, Michelle Dobbs, Katie Pelland, Karen Forness, Katie Sternkopf and Stephanie Sandor; (second row); Marlene Peppenhorst, Nancy Huelsmann, Carol Meyer, Teresa Timmermann, Mary Beth Westerheide, Julie Rekosh, Cheryl Watkins, Ruth Kussatz and Angie Toennies; (third row): Rev. Mr. Paul Wienhoff, Terri Rollie, Kate Epplin, Lisa Jones, Debbie Ginder, Betty Steber, Linda Sievers, Theresa Forbeck, Marianne Smith, Madonna Horcher, Sharon Netemeyer, Donna Stever, Kathy Clerc, Lorraine Meyer and John Meyer; (fourth row): Kathy Jansen, Pam Steber, Alice Kreher, Charlotte Schrage, Cindy Hardin, Marilou Dettenmeier, Jane Stauder, Jean Etling, Pam Goscinski, Petra Maria Fischer and Marilyn Brinkmann; (fifth row): Maggie Janssen, Shirley Mueller, Art Henken, Sr. Mary Ellen Backes, Mary (Drib) Diebler, Bob Dean Jr., Dottie Habrock, Fr. Ed Schaefer (spiritual director), Barbara Kaiser (lay director), Fr. Al Grawe (spiritual director), Bernard Diekemper (assistant lay director), Catherine Diekemper (coordinator), Sr. Mary Dorothy Helbling, Olivia Mueller and Amelia Brennfleck.  The next TEC will be for boys and will be held at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Herrin, March 11-13. (Maybell-Richell, Sparta Photo)

Spring farm blessing at Zwilling family farm

Father Mark Stec, East Vicariate Vicar Forane, blessed the seeds as well as the people, the animals, the fields and soil, and the machinery April 18 at the farm of Byron and Donna Zwilling near Dundas.

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St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Moves Forward

St. Elizabeth’s Hospital continues to take shape in O’Fallon. Members of the diocesan Art and Architecture Committee tour the area where the new chapel is being built in the hospital.

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