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Posts from the ‘Vocations’ Category

Living a Vocation Brings Joy, Fulfillment

Father Nicholas Junker talks to some of the young people at a reception after a liturgy at St. Mary in Chester that celebrated Father Eugene Wojcik’s 40th anniversary as a priest. Clockwise, from left are: Nick Heffernan, Father Junker, Emma Rick, Nate and Jack Heffernan.

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Taking a Reality Check

He leaned back in his chair and smiled as he began to reminisce about his more than 42 years as a priest for the Diocese of Belleville.

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When God Calls, You Must Answer

At 55, she is one of the youngest women in her religious order. This, she sees as an opportunity, not a burden. But then her life has been about opportunity and growth — in faith and in relationship with God.

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