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Deacon Michael Rowland Ministers at Parishes in Christopher, Sesser and Benton

Deacon Michael Rowland wears many hats as he ministers at St. Andrew Parish in Christopher and the partner parishes of St. Mary in Sesser and St. Joseph in Benton.

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Deacon Thomas Helfrich: Ministry Is His Passion

Deacon Thomas Helfrich said becoming a deacon was one more way he could “give back” to God for blessings he has received in his life and give back to his church.

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Hospital Honors Nurse with National Daisy Award

Most people don’t work in jobs that may mean life or death to those whom they meet, but nurse Mary Maxim does.

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A Look Back to March 1960 in Clinton County

Breese — At a luncheon meeting, Monday, March 7, attended by His Excellency, Bishop Albert R. Zuroweste and all pastors of the 14 parishes of Clinton County, it was decided that a major development program should be undertaken immediately.

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Bishop Braxton Confers the Ministry of Lector on Belleville Seminarians

On Wednesday, March 22, 2017, Bishop Edward K. Braxton was the Principal Celebrant of the Eucharist in Sacred Heart Chapel of Sacred Heart Seminary in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. During this Mass, he conferred the Ministry of Lector on six Seminarians, including three from the Diocese of Belleville.

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