Speaking in Parables

This Gospel selection begins a series of three Sundays on the 13th chapter of Matthew. This chapter is the third of the five great sermons of Jesus which Matthew constructs from oral and written tradition for the catechetical needs of his Christian Community.

An Attitude of Gratitude

If I wrote the “penultimate” column in the previous paper, this would be the “ultimate,” the last one. However, as we all know, what appears to be true is not necessarily the whole truth or the whole story, in this case. We’ll see, as my mother told me when I asked her repeatedly what would …

The Ultimate Wisdom

The Gospel of this day is Jesus’ hymn of praise and thanksgiving to his heavenly Father for the gift of revelation. Many of the thoughts expressed in this hymn are similar to thoughts and expressions found in Old Testament Wisdom Literature and in various Old Testament Prophets.