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Posts from the ‘Commentary’ Category

Missionary Instructions

Today’s gospel selection is a continuation of last Sunday’s Gospel — instructions for Christian missionaries in the eighties of the first century of Christianity. The author of the Gospel according to Matthew gradually moved his catechesis from specific instructions for missionaries to general instructions for all Christians.

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The Bread of Life

The Gospel for the Feast of Corpus Christi is the heart of the Bread of Life Discourse in the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John.

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The Penultimate Column, Maybe

I say “maybe” because I’m not sure exactly what will happen at the end of June. However, I write this as if I will indeed be replaced because we are, truly all replaceable.

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Second Great Sermon

The context of this Gospel selection is the second of five great sermons the author of Matthew’s Gospel constructed from traditions about Jesus. This sermon is called “Missionary Instructions.”

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What is the meaning of the Greek word Pentecoste? It is the ordinal number “fiftieth.” Greek-speaking Jews used this word for the fiftieth day after Passover.

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