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Preventing People from Reaching the ‘Last Stop’

Perhaps because I have recently released custody of 2016, I continue to think in terms of “last” things or sayings about “last” — I heard a mother tell her 2-year-old that he was “standing” on her last nerve. While I had never heard that said before, I knew exactly what she meant.

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Becoming ‘Infected’ with Christmas Joy

For all of us who are looking expectantly to 2017 and wonder what the year holds in store for us, we may be looking back wistfully and wonder what happened to these 12 months that have slipped so quickly by. For a good number of us, illness plagued our last days of 2016.

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And the Children Will Lead Us

When I was a child, we generally “asked Santa” for a pony. The closest we ever came was a burro named Rosita, but since we had no transportation for the four-legged girl then living in St. Louis, my father breathed a sigh of relief and said he was sorry we just couldn’t get her to Illinois.

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Recognizing Those in Our Global Families

The many and varied reactions — both positive and negative — to the death of Fidel Castro rekindle memories of a trip I made to Cuba in 2000 with the Illinois Council of Churches, so it was legal then.

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Facing the Death of a Child

I stood in line at a wake last week, watching the parents of a young man in his 30s try to cope with his death. He had struggled with drugs for a good number of years during his young life. And finally, he just couldn’t manage it.

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