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Posts from the ‘Liz Quirin’ Category

We Stand With the Immigrants

As I drive from one event to the other in the diocese, sometimes at distances from my home, I have time to listen to the news and think. I often wonder how people, especially immigrants, manage to stay here or why they would want to, given the way they are being treated by some.

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Responsibility Needed to Address Pollution

If making ethical, just decisions were easy, we would not be having a conversation about pollution. We would have a beautiful, green planet where all decisions would be based on what is best for the earth and its inhabitants.

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Making a Difference in Our World

I looked out over more than 250 young people at the shrine attending an all-day event to help prepare youth for confirmation. It wasn’t the event that struck me but the number of adults who were sprinkled liberally among the young people.

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The Rally as an Expression of Solidarity

When people arrive at a point where they have become so frustrated, feel so powerless and must do something to share their feelings and call attention to issues of grave importance, they call those of like mind to rally, often in our nation’s capital, the focal point of so many memorable gatherings.

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Preventing People from Reaching the ‘Last Stop’

Perhaps because I have recently released custody of 2016, I continue to think in terms of “last” things or sayings about “last” — I heard a mother tell her 2-year-old that he was “standing” on her last nerve. While I had never heard that said before, I knew exactly what she meant.

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