Going Home When God Is Ready for Us

We’re moving into a time of year when everything that may have overwhelmed folks throughout the spring and summer is coming to a head. Maybe you’ve faced a debilitating illness, or lost someone you loved dearly or have too much to do at work and feel overwhelmed, or been laid off or lost your job. We hardly have time to step back and take a breath before we start worrying about somebody or something else. It’s the way of our world these days.

A World Desperately in Need of the Gospel

Checking the news and keeping our eyes open to see what’s happening not only in the world but also to see those around us, both those we know and those we may see only once.

We’ve watched videos of people being carried out of their homes in Liberia by people covered from head to toe in protective clothing to keep them from contracting Ebola, a disease that is desiccating parts of that nation among several others in West Africa. Now, we’re watching as a second heath care worker in Dallas has contracted the disease. People are beginning to realize something like this can happen here.