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Posts from the ‘Liz Quirin’ Category

Demonstrate Respect for Others

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you’re a bully, do you aspire to be a bigger bully?

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Easter Hope Will Fill Our Hearts

We are about to enter into the darkest and most brilliant time of year for the Church — the Sacred Triduum.

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Look for a Miracle Every Day

In our small, mostly rural diocese, we have some people leading truly extraordinary lives. They’re literally making a difference here in the diocese, the region, the country and all over the world.

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We Stand With the Immigrants

As I drive from one event to the other in the diocese, sometimes at distances from my home, I have time to listen to the news and think. I often wonder how people, especially immigrants, manage to stay here or why they would want to, given the way they are being treated by some.

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Responsibility Needed to Address Pollution

If making ethical, just decisions were easy, we would not be having a conversation about pollution. We would have a beautiful, green planet where all decisions would be based on what is best for the earth and its inhabitants.

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