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The Role of Mammon

This gospel reading completes the series of six Sunday readings taken from the Sermon on the Mountain for this year. The Gospel for the Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time is also taken from the Sermon on the Mountain, but the 9th, 10th, and 11th Sundays in Ordinary Time are omitted this year.

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Christians and the Torah

Today’s Gospel reading is the third in a series of selections from the Sermon on the Mountain. Reading between the lines of Matthew’s Gospel it is clear that one of his purposes was to bring about unity in his Christian Community between Jewish Christians and Gentile Christians.

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Is This Possible?

The Sunday Gospel readings taken from the Sermon on the Mountain continue with the fifth and sixth theses and their antitheses. A thesis is introduced with these or similar words, “You have heard that it was said…,” indicating a quote from Scripture.

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Salt, Light, a City on a Hill

The Sermon on the Mountain was introduced in last Sunday’s Gospel reading by a kind of preamble enumerating the beatitudes attributed to Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel. Luke also enumerates beatitudes attributed to Jesus, but only four.

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Beatitudes: New Torah

This Sunday’s Gospel reading begins a series of five Sundays of selections from Matthew’s composition called the Sermon on the Mountain. The Sermon on the Mountain is the first of five major sermons the author of Matthew’s Gospel constructs from current traditions about Jesus in the mid-eighties of the first century. Why five?

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