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Posts from the ‘Commentary’ Category

Nurturing Friendships

Can you stop in your busy schedule for just a minute because I want to ask you a question: Who is your best friend, and when was the last time you just called that person to say I’m glad you’re in my life?

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The Holy Spirit as Enabler

Selections from the Last Supper Discourse of Jesus with its theme of departure continues on this Sunday, but with a difference. Last Sunday the emphasis was on faith in Jesus, and faith in God as the same faith.

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The Ascension in Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew closes with the Great Commission — the Gospel selection for the Ascension of Jesus. In Matthew 28, the faithful women disciples from Galilee had watched from a distance when Jesus was crucified, died, and was buried.

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Take a Ride on the Bus If You Can

When we see people holding up signs on street corners, hoping for a donation, we don’t want to catch their eyes as we wait for the light to change and we can get away.

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The Good Shepherd

Christians are familiar with the parable of Jesus as the Good Shepherd. It is found in the tenth chapter of the Gospel of John. The first ten verses of chapter ten contain two parables that introduce the Good Shepherd parable.

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