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There Are No ‘Minority’ Voters

As Election Day approaches, commentators are speculating about the impact the “minority” vote will have on the outcome. Can Mrs. Clinton win even if she does not receive as high a “minority” vote as President Obama did? Can Mr. Trump win without a significant number of “minority” votes? The “minority” voters they are speaking of are almost always African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

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Missionary Priests Play Important Role in Diocesan Pastoral Plan

Bishop Edward K. Braxton hosted a luncheon Sept. 12 at his residence for Father Evaristus Okaa Onwuogu, Personal Secretary to His Excellency, the Most Rev. Valerian M. Okeke, Archbishop of Onitsha, Nigeria. Father Onwuogu was a guest of the bishop while visiting fidei donum missionaries from Onitsha, who are serving in Belleville.

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Bishop Braxton Speaks on Moral Leadership in Action

On Monday evening, August 8, 2016 Bishop Edward K. Braxton spoke about the need for moral leadership in action in order to bridge the racial divide in the United States.

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Moral Leadership in Action: All Lives Really Do Matter

As a citizen of this country, as a Catholic Priest and Bishop, and as an African-American, I am deeply distressed by the recent violent eruptions of the racial divide in the United States.

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Bishop Braxton Publishes New Pastoral Letter

“The Catholic Church
and The Black Lives Matter Movement:
The Racial Divide in the United States Revisited”

Bishop Edward K. Braxton has published a pastoral letter that builds on his previous pastoral letter published in 2o15. “This Pastoral Letter should be read as a companion piece to “The Racial Divide in the United States: A Reflection for the World Day of Peace 2015,” the bishop said. To read the pastoral letter, please click on the link: Racial Divide Revisited