Diocesan employees recognized for their years of service

The Diocese of Belleville was erected Jan. 7, 1887. Bishop Edward K. Braxton is the diocese’s eighth bishop.

The diocese covers 28 counties of southern Illinois, bordering the states of Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana. Its employees come from all areas of the diocese.

Each year, the names of those who celebrate milestone anniversaries at five-year increments are recognized. This year two employees have worked for 40 years in the diocese, one for 25 years and two for 20 years.

Talents and Talent

Matthew constructed five major discourses or sermons attributed to Jesus. By composing five discourses he compares Jesus to Moses, since the first five books of our Bible are attributed to Moses. Moses was the first great prophet of God, that is, the revealer of God’s words. Jesus is the final and ultimate prophet of God. As Moses’ revelation is revealed in five books (discourses), so Jesus’ revelation is revealed in five discourses (books).

Cathedral and Temple

When the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica falls on a Sunday, it replaces the Ordinary Sunday. A bit of history: St. John Lateran ranks first among the great basilicas of Rome. People may be unaware that St. Peter’s Basilica is not the Pope’s cathedral as Bishop of Rome. St. John Lateran has that distinction. The site of this basilica was at one time occupied by the palace of a Roman family, the Laterani.