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Visiting sister parishes in Guatemala – a journey of connection

They donated for years, sometimes decades, putting checks into envelopes that traveled thousands of miles to help sister parishes in Guatemala.

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Consolidation of Gallatin County parishes to be completed with closures of 3 chapels

For nearly two centuries, Catholics in Gallatin County in the far southeastern corner of Illinois somehow found ways to worship together.

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Camp Ondessonk’s move toward self-sustainability pays off

At Camp Ondessonk’s dining hall, the salad bar is not an afterthought.

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Catholic schools seek ways to draw more Hispanic students

In the Diocese of Belleville and across the country, Catholic schools are seeking to reach an underrepresented group of potential students by taking steps to recruit Hispanic families.Catholic schools seek ways to draw more Hispanic students

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New system at O’Fallon church brings crystal clear sound to those with hearing loss

When Tom Goller began to lose his hearing, he says it took a toll on his spiritual life. Attending Mass at St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Church in O’Fallon, he often couldn’t hear what was going on, or catch the nuances of the readings or the homily.

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