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‘Life’ Essay Winners Receive Funding For Bus Trip to D.C.

Belleville Area Right to Life sponsored an essay contest to encourage young people to reflect on their pro-life beliefs.

Winners received money to cover the cost of the bus trip to Washington, D.C., this year to participate in the annual march and rally.

Category winners were: Madisen Breunig, 17; Caroline Cowgill, 16; Molly Reitano, 15; and Robbie Stock, 13.
Each answered the question: “Why am I pro-life?”

Here is a sampling of the essays from Madisen Breunig, a high school junior.

“Aside from the scientific issue of when life truly begins, I struggle with the moral issues. A widespread pro-life movement has recently adopted the statistic that one third of my generation has been killed through abortion. This is a startling and effective statement. I cannot help but wonder what potential those 50 million children had, but just like the elusive number of licks to the center of a Tootsie-Roll Pop, the world may never know.

“One of those children could have held the cure to cancer. Another may have had the charisma to bring our world peace. One possibly held the power to persuade more people than ever to abolish abortion once and for all. Their potential will never be known on this earth because they were not given a choice — only their mothers were.
“In early December of this past year, my family lost our 4-week-old angel. She was a miracle baby, an unexpected pregnancy, but never did we question her humanity. From the moment we knew our cousin was conceived, we celebrated her life. Sadly, she came down with a serious virus that attacked her heart and only lived for four short weeks. In that month, however, Eden touched more lives than imaginable.”

To read the rest of this essay and the other winners please contact Belleville Area Right to Life for their newsletter at 343-0430.

The bus will leave the shrine on Jan. 21 and returns Jan. 23.